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Modepick helps businesses with Amazon prep and fulfillment. Our process is efficient, rapid and cost effective with customer appreciation in mind!

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Speedy and Safe Prep Services

At Modepick, we know that SPEED and PRECISION are everything when it comes to PREPPING for AMAZON FBA. Whether you need us for Barcoding to shrink wrapping, promotional inserts to bubble wrapping, our goal is to prep your products QUICK and be Amazon FBA COMPLIANT.


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Reduced Shipping Costs

SHIPPING COSTS can be one of the biggest expenses in selling online products. Having multiple fulfillment facilities drastically REDUCES shipping costs and delivery time. We do the math, you SAVE TIME & MONEY. (2).png (1).png
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7/24 Customer Service

Sometimes customer support can be DIFFICULT to get a hold of, and being left on hold is never fun. If ever there are any QUESTIONS or CONCERNS, at ShipBunny, we are readily AVAILABLE.

Wholesale Market Aisle
Wholesale Products

You have opportunity to wholesale the products of our manufacturers who produce in Turkey.

Product supply advantages in Turkey;

- Cheap Product Supply
- Low Logistics Cost
- Quality Product Supply
- High Capacity Supplier Portfolio